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 The Manasseh Story 

A Glimpse Over our

Early Years

"Meeting Miriam"


On one Sunday in 2010, Guillaume was introduced to Zambian Elder, Miriam, who was visiting her daughter in Australia.


To Guillaume's eager interest, Miriam explained the great need that was in her hometown in Zambia, particularly the lack of education and the need of family support for orphaned children.

This initial African connection began a vital partnership for Guillaume, the Manasseh Team. So plans and communications began, including an envisioned trip to Mirium's hometown in Zambia


"Envisaged Trip to Zambia"


In June 2013, Manasseh's team of pioneers took to Miriam's home town of Kitwea, located in rural, North Eastern Zambia, to meet with the lively locals and understand the needs of their communities.

Throughout this week, plenty of friendships were made, and the local needs became clear - most critically that only 2 or 3 hours of classtime a day in schools due to the lack of teachers and facilities.

The Manasseh team began to strategize on how they could partner with these local communities, in seeing fruitful local businesses comes to life and ways to improve childcare and education.


"Hosting Our first


Gala Evening for the Pansaka House"

May 2017

In May 2017, we held our fundraising gala evening at Figs on Sylvan, in support of the Pansaka House, which including an entertaining night of Traditional African music, dancing, delicious dining and Miriam


"Early Beginnings"



Early in 2009, in Brisbane, two good friends, Guillaume and Cody, both born in South Africa, and moved to Australia in youth, began to reflect on their own journey and considered the challenging questions:

Since any individual born into poverty has the potential to become whoever they want to be, but struggle to do so due to the lack of opportunity, what can we do within our means to see these cycles of poverty broken?

And so the dream began, to gather together their collective skills, ideas, family, friendships and local community, to begin what would be the beginnings of Manasseh International.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.07.04 pm.png

"Officially Registered as a Charity"


In January 2013, the exciting milestone was realised for Manasseh International becoming registered as an official charity.


"First Project Approved - The Pansaka House"


After some time of searching for the best opportunity Manasseh's first project, finally the approval for

"The Pansaka House" (a meeting place and community hall, to facilitate local schooling and agricultural programs) was declared, which would be constructed in a rural farming area, known the East Kafae community, located in farmlands outside of the city of Kitwe in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

Pansaka House (Finished) 2.jpg

"Completion of the Pansaka House & Manasseh becomes a GDR Recipient"


Throughout 2018, our first project, "The Pansaka House" is fully constructed and fulled funded. Manasseh also becomes a GDR Recipient.




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