Meet the Team

Guillaume Botha


Married to Nadine with a young family. Early in his life, Guillaume migrated from South Africa to Australia with his family as a 10 year old. He enjoyed the fruits of growing up and living in a developed nation through having the opportunity to a good education with a good standard of living. After completing high school in Australia, he was invited to play rugby in the UK and used this time as an extended gap year to travel the UK and Europe. During this period, Guillaume took time to write down what goals he wanted to achieve in his lifetime. One of these goals was to set up an organisation which stands on the principals of sustainably helping and empowering those in need. During his time at university, this idea grew and became a reality when Manasseh International was founded in 2013. Guillaume has a Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma of Chartered Accountancy and a Master of Applied Finance and relishes any chance to use his academic background toward economic empowerment. Since the inception of Manasseh International in 2013 and Guillaume has been serving on the board. Currently working in the mining industry, as a finance leader, he brings a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to Manasseh and to the boardroom.

Mitchell Jensen


Father to two young boys Carter and Harry and partner to their beautiful mum Jade. He is passionate about increasing the opportunities for those who are not as fortunate as himself to be born in Australia. Equal opportunity for everyone is one of the greatest challenges we face and the work Manasseh does, aims to give hope to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it. Manasseh gives Mitchell the opportunity not only to give back to the world in a positive way but to set an example for his young family around helping those less fortunate than yourself.  Mitchell has been involved with Manasseh since 2013 coming up with ideas and recently took on the role of Director in 2017. Mitchell has a degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and currently works as a Commercial Adviser for an Australian Energy Company. Mitchell will bring his experience in large scale project management and contract negotiation to ensure that all funds donated to Manasseh are enabled to have the highest impact on the local communities in which we strive to support.

Cody Loopstra


Cody has a dual graduate in Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy and spends his working time at Allsports Physiotherapy - The Gap. Coming from South Africa, Cody has firsthand experience at witnessing and delving into the disadvantages that poverty has on the developing world environments. This is where his intentions lay. Using his skills in services to physical health and experience in education, Cody hopes to pass on his values and standards into Manasseh's vision to create sustainable educational and physical health foundations for those that are not exposed to the facilities available in this bountiful world. Cody's vision is to teach others how to build strong pillars to promote and maintain community success with those in need of it.

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