Pansaka Project

Scope: The name Pansaka is from the local Zambian language, Bemba, meaning meeting place. The scope of the project was to construct two houses, an African style kitchen, an outdoor toilet and the Pansaka hall (a community centre). Solar panels were also installed as a part of the sustainability of the initiative.

Where: The construction has commenced on farmland in a community known as the East Kafue. East Kafue is situated outside the city of Kitwe in the Copperbelt province. It is in a rural community with a population of around 3,000 people, most are living on or below the poverty line. The GPS coordinates are: 12°49’29.1″S 28°20’22.7″E, see map below:

Who: Manasseh International partnered with Dubbo Outreach Zambia, a newly formed NGO based in Kitwe, Zambia to execute the Pansaka project.Partnering with a local NGO ensures that Manasseh delivers projects for the lowest cost and enables a long lasting impact on local communities.Manasseh International ensures that the NGO partner is well informed on local culture, local laws and have the ability and expertise to execute the project. Partnering allows the local community to buy into the project because the project is run by the locals for the locals.

When: Fundraising was completed in 2017 allowing construction to start in the second half of the year. Due to the use of locally sourced mud bricks and the intense rain season in Zambia, construction is currently halted. It is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

Why: In the rural communities of Zambia (around 7 of the 15 million people) there’s a staggering 4.2 million people living below the poverty line ($1.90/day – World Bank statistics).The high poverty levels coupled with low levels of literacy and education has led to an increase in social vices. Including the excessive use of alcohol. This escalates poor health outcomes and lacking population control. Consequently, the HIV/AIDS pandemic is very pronounced in the East Kafue community. This has resulted in many orphaned and vulnerable children as well as single parented households.

Building Purposes:

Houses: To enable workers, visitors and volunteers to visit the East Kafue community and the farm. The workers aid in the farming activities to generate an income to offset expenses incurred by running the other activities.

African Style Kitchen: Most of the community rely on self-subsistence farming. When the rains aren’t enough or the crops fail the people are exposed to starvation due to lack of food. The intent of the kitchen to enable feeding programs and food storage during the poor seasons.

Outdoor toilet: There are no amenities on the farm and this will serve the students, workers and volunteers.

Pansaka Hall: The intent of the multipurpose community hall is to provide classes to children and adults. The community elders can also meet in the hall and plan further community development projects. The facility will also be used as a basis for mobile clinics to set up and treat patients.

Current progress: The project is fully funded and is completing the construction phase. During the rainy season no construction can take place in Zambia. The facilities are currently being used for housing workers and volunteers. The Pansaka hall is being used as a class room to teach children in the morning and to educate women about sowing.