The Pansaka Project

"Pansaka" means, "The Meeting Place"

Three years following our week spent in rural Zambia, our the Manasseh vision finally began to take form in our first project, "The Pansaka Project", which was approved to be constructed in the Rural East Kafae Community, a rural population of people located in the farmlands outside of the city of Kitwe in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

Project Scope:

The Pansaka Project is directed towards bringing sustainable outcomes for a rural farming community, known the East Kafae community, who are located in farmlands outside of the city of Kitwe in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

In this community, we endeavoured to construct a strategic community centre which includes the "Twafweni House" and "The Pansanka" (community hall), along with a kitchen (something we take for granted) and supplied by solar power!

This large Pansaka project hosts the implementation of services to aid and assist the people of the East Kafae community, who number up to 3000 - most of whom live on or below the poverty line.

Fundraising Initiative:

In May 2017, we ran our first fundraising event, an African Celebration Night at the beautiful, "Figs on Sylvan" in Toowong.

The evening included a series of traditional African musical entertainment, dancing, an artwork auction, and an inspiration story told by Auntie Miriam, one of our close Zambian friends, who was the instrumental connection in this entire project.

The night was an exciting success with a vibrant and diverse African and local Australian community gathering to experience a taste of African culture, meet Miriam, hear her story and learn about the challenges faced by people in Zambia, as well as the opportunities that can be forged with the power of family, hope and education.

The generous donations from this Gala event, saw the construction of the Pansaka Project spring to life, and in the following year of 2018, the building was completed and fully funded.